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Occupational Tax Certificate & Business License

What is the process for Applying for an Occupation Tax Certificate?

The general process by which an Occupation Tax Certificate is issued by the City of Chamblee, GA is as follows:


  1. A full and complete online application is received

  2. A zoning review is completed by City of Chamblee Planning Department

  3. City of Chamblee Life Safety and any Dekalb County permitting inspections are completed

  4. Payment of the Occupation Tax

  5. Final issuance of City of Chamblee Occupation Tax Certificate


Once a business has submitted an application online, the City will communicate further instructions regarding each subsequent step of the above process to the applicant via email and will follow-up for any additional forms or information needed in order to process your application.

Download forms here

Examples on how the form should be filled out:

Example 1: Marketing Services Company 


Example 2: Government Services Company 

Ex 2.PNG

City of Fire Plan Submittal Instructions

Get the instructions here

Floor Plan is required to schedule for a fire inspection. The copy of the floor plan with fire exits and location of fire extinguishers is available for you to download using the below button. 

For your particular office, you can zoom in the map and do a screenshot or snip the space and put the dimensions.

Example: Suite 133
Below is how your unit looks like

Suite 133.png

Map with Fire Exits for All Locations

Globe PDK MAP - AUGUST 2023.jpg


1. Construction type of the building

  • Construction type of building: Concrete and Steel

  • Year Built: 1970

  • If over 30 years, year of most recent upgrades: major renovation in 2018

  • Number of Stories: 2 story

  • Is there a fire sprinkler system installed?: no

2. Total square feet and dimensions

  • Patio with Airplane Views : 3,640 Sq.ft

  • Atrium: 1,680 Sq. ft

3. Each room labeled

  • Please see map above. You can zoom in the map and cut, screenshot or snip your space and put dimensions.

4. Location of emergency signs and extinguishers, all walls, entrances, doors, and stairs

  • Please see map above.

NOTE: Please be advised that we are not responsible for your business application.
For more information please contact the city of Chamblee directly. 

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