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Win More Government Contracts

with an Office at GlobeHUB

Located in both a Federal HUBZone and Opportunity Zone,

GlobeHUB offers priority access to lucrative public contracts

One Address, Two Advantages

GlobeHUB is an innovative co-working center at the Peachtree Dekalb Airport, just outside Atlanta. Our location offers two major advantages for small businesses and investors:

We’re in an Opportunity Zone

OZs are federally designated areas where investors can get preferential tax treatment. Invest your money in our qualified OZ or with one of our trusted partners to defer or eliminate capital gains taxes.

We’re in a Federal HUBZone

According to the SBA, companies in HUBZones must be given preferential consideration for set-aside federal contracts as well as competitive ones – even if they’re not the lowest bidder.

Are you interested in winning lucrative

contracts with the U.S. federal government?

A Private Desk or Office at GlobeHUB will

instantly increase your chances of winning

Why Choose GlobeHUB?

As a business incubator, GlobeHUB provides many services beyond a qualifying address:

  • Access to funding

  • Business mentoring

  • Marketing services


Dollar-for-dollar, no other coworking space matches GlobeHUB:

  • Free parking

  • Secure access

  • Fiber internet

  • Large indoor and outdoor spaces

  • Plenty of meeting and conference areas

  • Complimentary coffee/espresso

  • Pool table for breaks and conversation

Leverage Our Network

Current tenants include small businesses that have already won millions in public contracts.

Benefit directly from their knowledge of how to assemble a winning proposal!

From $150/month
From $250/month
From $650/month

Get Started Now

Hot Desk Plus (w/ mailing address)                              
Private Desk                                                                       
Private Office                                                                     

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